Development Fee Deferral Programs - Non-Residential

Non-Residential Fee Deferral

Sacramento County Code Chapter 16.95 - Enacted 1995

The Non-Residential Fee Deferral program is designed to stimulate and encourage economic development within the County, particularly those that will result in long-term commitments to the County which will create jobs and provide economic stimuli for the benefit of all of the County’s residents.

What County Impact fees may be deferred?

  • Excluding the administrative component, the following files are eligible to be deferred:
  • Antelope Public Facilities Financing Plan Area Fees
  • North Vineyard Station Specific Plan Area Fees
  • Mather Field Public Facilities Financing Plan Area Fees
  • Vineyard Public Facilities Plan Area Fees
  • Sacramento County Transportation Development Fees
  • Low Income Housing Trust Fund Fees

Application and Security Requirements

Requires application (download below) and payment of 20% of the fees

  • Assigned passbook or certificate of deposit;
  • Irrevocable letter of credit;
  • Surety bond;
  • Lien against the property (subject to the approval of the MSA Administrator and County Counsel); or
  • Negotiable securities if approved by the Board of Supervisors

Non-Residential Fee Deferral Application - PDF

Non-Residential Fee Deferral Application - Microsoft Word (right click to save file to your computer)

Deferral Period and Interest Accrual

Fees may be deferred to issuance of a certificate of occupancy, close of escrow or for a predetermined period (not less than one nor more than five years).

Interest accrues at the County Treasurer's rate of interest on pooled investments.

Interest on deferred amounts may be waived for targeted companies which demonstrate they bring 50 or more full-time jobs each paying over $25,000 per year.

Application Fees:

Requires an application fee of $2,515.